Homemade Bic Mac

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Homemade Bic Mac

A homemade Big Mac burger is the ultimate solution for all burger lovers out there. By making your own version of this classic burger, you can customize it to your own tastes and preferences, while also saving money by not having to visit fast food restaurants.

A homemade Big Mac burger is not only a delicious and satisfying meal, but it also gives a sense of accomplishment and pleasure to have successfully created something yourself. Additionally, you can customize it to your own tastes, and if you prefer more or less vegetables, you can adjust it exactly as you like it. Try making your own Big Mac burger today and enjoy a delicious meal that you have created yourself!



Total time

20 min


  • Big mac sauce


  • Bic mac sauce

    • 1
      Mix all the ingredients for the sauce
  • The hamburger

    • 1
      Fry the hamburger for 2 minutes on each side on high heat
    • 2
      Add the cheddar cheese so it has time to melt
    • 3
      Layer bread, sauce, lettuce, onion, cucumber, and the hamburger meat