Vegetarian pasta with mushrooms and cherry tomatoes

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Vegetarian pasta with mushrooms and cherry tomatoes

A creamy vegetarian pasta that you can cook in less than 20 minutes is the perfect dish for when you want something quick and easy to make for dinner. This pasta is full of flavor and texture, and the creamy sauce binds everything together into a delicious meal.

The best thing about this pasta is that it is both tasty and quick to make. It takes less than 20 minutes to prepare and cook, making it an excellent choice for a busy weeknight. So why not try this creamy vegetarian pasta today and experience a taste sensation you won't soon forget!



Total time




  • Preparation

    • 1
      Cook your desired pasta according to the instructions.
    • 2
      Slice the mushrooms and tomatoes.
  • Cooking

    • 1
      Fry the mushrooms in butter until they have a little color
    • 2
      Add the tomatoes and fry for about 2 minutes
    • 3
      Add cream, crème fraiche, soy sauce, sambal oelek, broth, and spices
    • 4
      Let the sauce simmer on medium heat while the pasta finishes cooking
    • 5
      Add the pasta to the sauce. Do not strain the pasta, but let some of the pasta water mix with the sauce
  • Serving

    • 1
      Serve with finely chopped parsley and grated Parmesan cheese