Sausage stew

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Sausage stew

A flavorful sausage stew with bell peppers served with rice is a lovely and warming dish that is perfect for enjoying on a cold autumn or winter day. This stew is filled with flavorful ingredients and spices that together provide a unique and rich taste experience.

The sausage used can vary, but usually, it is a slightly spicier sausage that pairs perfectly with the bell peppers and other ingredients. The bell peppers provide a lovely and fresh taste that combines perfectly with the sausage and other ingredients. To enhance the flavor even further, you can also add onions, garlic, and other spices such as thyme or rosemary.

Serve the sausage stew with rice for a complete meal that fills you up and gives you energy. The neutral taste of rice works perfectly as a base for the sausage stew and absorbs its flavors and sauce in a lovely way. To create a more substantial meal, you can also add vegetables such as carrots, mushrooms, or zucchini to the stew.

A flavorful sausage stew with bell peppers and rice is a dish that is easy to prepare and appreciated by the whole family. With its lovely flavors and warming properties, it is a perfect dish to feel full and satisfied on cold winter evenings.


Total time




  • Preparation

    • 1
      Slice the sausage and bell pepper to desired size
  • Cooking

    • 1
      Fry the sausage over medium heat in butter until it gets a little color
    • 2
      Add the bell pepper and fry for a few minutes until it softens a bit
    • 3
      Add the tomato puree and mix well with the sausage and bell pepper
    • 4
      Add the cream, stock and spices
    • 5
      Let the stew simmer on low heat for about 5 minutes
    • 6
      Taste with the seasoning
  • Serving

    • 1
      Serve with rice and salad